Professional Sneaker Cleaning Solution 250ML


Marshmallow scented Professional Sneaker Cleaning Solution. 250ml Bottle which can clean up to 200 pairs. Safely cleans SUEDE, LEATHER, MESH, NUBUCK, CANVAS, GORE-TEX & MORE.


1) Shake well before use.

2) Add small amount of lukewarm water to bowl (approx 200ml).

3) Add 2 to 4 capfuls of cleaning solution and dip brush into bowl.

4) Shake off excess water and gently work solution into sneakers (do not soak).

5) Gently work up a light foam.

6) Wipe off excess with microfibre cloth.

7) On suede, when dry, brush up nap.

8) If needed, pack sneakers with tissue to aid in the drying process.

9) Whenever possible, dry in direct sunlight.

As with all sneaker cleaners, test on unseen area and use with caution, especially on deep dyed colours.